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Gary is energised by meeting and connecting with new people, deriving satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a genuine connection.


Gary’s lighthearted enthusiasm and energy are infectious. He finds a way to make every interaction more energising and vital.


Gary sees the potential in others; he sees all people as a work in progress, with unlimited potential.

Your Trusted Advisor

Leaders need a trusted advisor to support them; someone who cares about them and their professional development. By providing training and coaching in emotional intelligence, Gary can help you to fulfil your leadership potential.

  Emotional Intelligence
Helping you to arrive at understanding

EQ is about our everyday behaviour.

When we learn about emotional intelligence, we can bring more balance and harmony to our work, home and social lives.

Dare to be authentic

Showing up as who we truly are can be a daunting prospect but the rewards are always worth the risk. True authenticity allows us to influence the people we work with and for, allowing us to achieve greater success - developing self-awareness for whole-life awareness.

Bringing you into the present moment

Many of us live retrospectively; it’s a habit of the modern world. When we are able to stay in the present moment our lives become more rich and fulfilling in every area.




High Force Training

Gay ran this residential training centre for 12 years, working with both corporate clients and groups of young people to work on team building and other skills.

High Impact Development Ltd

Gary started this bespoke training and development business in 2009, right after the financial crisis. He became an EQ-i Master Trainer and as the company moved more towards emotional intelligence certification and coaching, they rebranded as ei. Company in 2019.

Speaking and Writing

Gary is a member of the Professional Speaking Association and is the author of EQ Influence Book 1.

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